for SSPAD's B.Des through SEED

Symbiosis School of Planning Architecture and Design (SSPAD) is an institution which brings together a perfect blend of three streams namely planning, architecture and design under one roof.  We offer a five year degree programme in Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch) and a four year Bachelor of Design (B.Design) undergraduate degree wherein, the students opting for these programmes choose their discipline of choice and  will engage for four years honing the skills that will allow them to be industry ready at the end of it.

The Bachelor of Architecture course is skillfully designed by Council of Architecture the legal statutory body of India. The thrust of the programme is interdisciplinary with a large canvas that includes Imagination, Technology and Social-science to explore the understanding to translate in buildings, neighbourhood, cities, etc. The students shall be geared up for effectively developing visual perceptions of built environments and acquire professional attitudes to said projects and depict the critical, contextual, regional identities and awareness at large.

Design is a field where you use your creative abilities to conceptualise most of the things that you see around you. From the clothes that you are wearing to the bag that you are carrying, this booklet that you are reading, and the frames of the glasses that you are using if you are wearing specs, the furniture that you see around you, the material that you see in movies, all is 'designed'. It's a lifetime commitment.