Workshop by Ar. Arun Soman on "Create bamboo products using various craft techniques": 19th Nov 2019

Brick Workshop by Mr. Ajay Yevalekar: 16th Nov 2019

Workshop by Dr. Nandini Kulkarni on "Learn ceramic craft techniques": 14th & 15th November 2019

ORIGAMI Workshop: 18th Oct 2019

Painting and Mural Workshop by Mr. Milind Linbekar & Mr. Moukitk Kate: 24th Sep 2019

Sketching Rendering Workshop: 28th & 29th Nov 2019

Workshop by Asso. Prof. Dr. Purva Mange & Asst. prof. Akshay Revekar on "To sensitize students about the importance and future in Solar sector": 5th Nov 2019