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ZERO WASTE LIFESTYLE : By – Avanti Jaiswal

The environmental crisis is really a crisis of consciousness. Most people know the natural world is facing great challenges and degradation, but few know the true extents of the changes and deprivation the environment faces and its extended effects on human welfare and all other life on Earth. There is a great gap between the multitude of problems the environment faces on all fronts and the level of awareness most people have on these issues. Symbiosis Institute of Planning, Architecture and Design conducts internship on such sensitive issues. They provide students with a sensitive topic every year which creates awareness and opportunity for students to explore and work for these issues.

My Academic and Entrepreneurial Journey : Sayli Pandit

It began with the lockdown, where I started with my art page ‘Blue Palette’.In the beginning, it wasn't really difficult to manage the academics with my page, since we were almost done with the semester and hence had plenty of time to create new freestyles.In this process of balancing the academics and the page together, I realised that in one way or the other I’m reflecting my assignment ideas onto my other creativity.