for SSPAD's B.Des through SEED

The Travel Club is a great initiative to engage students in exploring new places. The club has been established in August 2019 by SSPAD students. The main objective of starting it is to learn more about the different cultures of the world and explore them by traveling. Ms.NaqiyaPindwarawala (B. Arch.) and Ms. SayaliDhabekar (B. Des.) are student in-charge of the club.

The club works for three different activities:

  • Industrial site Visits
  • Academic Tours
  • Market Survey

Activities by Club

The students of B. Arch. have visited Ramtek and did architectural documentation of historic structures of Ambala lake on November 25, 2019. The students were divided in the groups of 3 to 6 depending on the size of the structures to be documented along the lake. The students in each group observed, measured, sketched and photographed the structures with reference to understanding the architecture, material and construction of the structures.

travel 1
travel 2
travel 3
travel 4

The students of B. Design have visited Central Museum and Anthropological Museum, Nagpur on December 21, 2019. The visit was conducted to make students aware about the ancient craft techniques and ethnic lifestyle of the region. The visit was part of their group project wherein they were expected to study a particular material and its applications in material form. The students photo documented the artefacts displayed based on their projects. The students in each group observed, measured, sketched and photographed the artefacts with reference to understanding the material and history of the products.

travel 5
travel 6